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Notes from Debra Farthing

From the Desk of Amanda Rigdon

Welcome to the Counseling and Guidance Department. I am so honored to be the School Counselor at Swainsboro Primary School. My goal is to help the students at SPS succeed and become their best in academics as well as interpersonal and career development.
Some of the activities in the Counseling Department include:
 Classroom Guidance lessons that will focus on our character word each month as well as assist in students’ social and emotional development, academics, and coping skills.
 Small Groups called “Clubs”. These clubs will meet each week for 8-10 weeks on topics such as anger management, friendship, changing families, incarcerated parents, self-esteem, social skills, hyperactivity/impulsivity, bullying, and much more.
 Individual Counseling as requested by staff and parents.
 Consultation with mental health and other community agencies.
 Red Ribbon Week activities
 Monthly Birthday Parties
 Coordination of the Response to Intervention Program
 Coordination of Section 504 Plans
 Coordination with Lead Teacher and School Psychologists of screening and testing for Special Services
 Coordinating supplies and materials for children in need through various community organizations
 Kharacter Kid Ceremony Breakfast each month
 Attendance Rewards and Incentives

We have a school wide behavior program in place where children earn “Good Behavior Charms”. The students can add these charms to their bracelet which they receive at the beginning of the school year. Students can earn these charms if they are “Caught Being Good” by administration, if they have perfect attendance or Paw Perfect Lunch, on their birthday, being the pledge leader (2nd grade), being “Class of the Month”, for being Kharacter Kid, and for good bus behavior. We teach our students that they should always “Be at the Right Place, At the Right Time, Doing the Right Thing”! Our two school wide expectations are Be Respectful and Be Responsible. Ms. Maribeth reminds students of this each day during the announcements as well as how these apply to our school environment in the classroom, in the lunchroom, in the hallway, and on the bus.

At Swainsboro Primary, teachers choose one student each month to represent their class as “Kharacter Kid”. These are students who exhibit the character trait that the school is focusing on for the month. I will recognize our monthly Kharacter Kids at Tiger Rally. We will have a Tiger Rally on the last Friday of each month. I will also recognize these students during a Kharacter Kid breakfast which will also take place the last Friday of each month. Our Kharacter Kids not only receive special recognition, but they also receive a certificate, an ice cream coupon for Dairy Queen, a charm, and a pencil for their hard work.
We also recognize “Perfect Attendance”. At the end of each nine weeks, students who have perfect attendance for the nine week period will be invited to an ice cream party. Also, at the end of each semester students with perfect attendance for the entire semester will receive an invitation to a dance party. We value our students’ attendance and recognize the importance of attendance in connection with academic success.

We appreciate all of our community supports including Dairy Queen, Wal-Mart, Harvey’s, Weekend Blessings, various community churches, 4-H clubs, Pilot Club, East Georgia Health Care, Beta Sigma Phi, Pruitt Health, Jr. Women’s Association, Citizen’s Bank, BB&T, Sunshine House, Care Partners of Georgia, Ogeechee Behavioral Health, and so many more. These businesses and groups help sponsor our school supplies, birthday parties, and special events. Please contact me if you would like your name or business added to the list and would like to help our school!